Durand Bernarr - Singer & Songwriter

    First Look Friday on Okayplayer

    Make sure to read Durand's newest interview, "First Look Friday: Discover The Industry’s Best Kept Secret, Durand Bernarr," and preview the new song, "Around," on Okayplayer.com.

    Sound Check

    Soundcheck EP is now available exclusively on Durand's bandcamp. Later next month, it will be distributed for purchase through iTunes, TIDAL, Google Play and all other streaming services!

    "WTF You Lyin"

    MMMMohmahgawd! Durand flips the viral video "WTF You Lyin" into his own smooth R&B bop.
    (via SoulBounce)

    Fly On The Wall Exclusively on SoulBounce

    The first single from the Sound Check EP is available exclusively on SoulBounce.com. Get into it, y'all.
    (via SoulBounce)

    Durand x Denise Reese's Acoustic Cover of "Sorry"

    "There’s no question about it, Bernarr definitely 'has the range.'" Thanks to Essence for featuring Durand and Denise Reese's acoustic take on Beyoncé's "Sorry."
    (via Essence.com)


    The Sound Check EP is here. Get it now.



    Singer. Songwriter. Background vocalist. Voguing champion. Professional skater? When you think of the artist also known as “AlcoholHarmony”, there are so many facets and descriptions that come to mind. One thing, however, will continuously stand out amongst all and that is the fact that he can SANG.